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part:1                                                            The Beginning or An End?

He had to run, he had no other choice, stopping to take a breath would make it his last.
How did he get into this mess, okay he murdered a few people but they had it comeing.
How could he know one of them had friends… rich friends.
He could still hear the footsteps, 6 feet he thought… yes 6 he hoped it would be only 1 person but if they didn’t catch him yet he might have a chance. Where could he hide, where could he find a safe haven. He only caught a glimpse of one of the hitmen, he seemed young "maybe they don’t have allot of experience" he thought to himself. He chuckled, how dare they send out novices to kill him, they didn’t even try to stay to the shadows, “why be scared?” he said to himself and stopped running to turned around trying to face the assasins. He indeed saw 3 assasins but… they looked nothing like the first one, infact: they seemed to be exact copies of eachother. He decided to run,again the 3 men were covered from head to toe in heavy clothing, the only thing that was visible were 6 purple eyes.
He scolded himself for trying to be so bold, how could he be so mindless, novices or not they had the upperhand. Atleast they didn’t seem to catch up that quickly, maybe it was the clothing that slowed them down, yeah he’ll survive, he knew he would, this won’t be his end. He laughed “no one will take down “The Tank”, “The Tank” takes THEM down!”
He wasn’t sure if he could run much longer, he had to hide somewhere, he looked behind him and turned a corner quickly dashing into the nearest alley. Maybe he did it, maybe he got away, "no one can kill the killer, no one can hunt down the hunter" he thought.
He looked at the 3 men passing by his alley, he did it he survived the night he chuckled as he leaned against the wall to catch a breath. Why did he even doubt? He does the killing not them.
A thick fog started to fill up the alley but he was to tired to notice and to care anyways.
he didn’t notice the men sneak into the alley surrounding him slowly keeping out of sight hiding in the fog. He closed his eyes to calm himself and as he did the 3 men stepped into his field of view just to stand there like statues. The 3 men started talking with a smokey voice echoing in his head.
“Hello tank , are you scared?”he heard
he quickly opened his eyes and stood up staring at the 3 men in fear.
“who send you, who is too weak to take me on himself!”he said with a trembling voice.
“we believe that information is not necessary for you to hear” they said
He noticed the speaker switched every word but they had the same exact voice almost as it’s just 1 person.
“we are here to take you with us” they reached for the cloth covering their mouth and started to pull it off slowly.
“what are you doing?!” he said as he raised his hand making it glow red trying to focus his energy into it.
“showing what your end is” he saw the first look down and throw away the cloth before raising it’s head rapidly as it screaming at him with a cut open mouth with blood oozing from it.
“what are YOU” he screamed as he tried to force the energy out of his hand.
“we are your end” the second  one pulled of the cloth aswell showing a face that only had lips missing with a long tongue hanging out.
“GO AWAY” he said as he tried to hide himself behind his arms as his right arm glowed red but he was too scared to even notice
“don’t be scared we’ll be gentle” he heard comeing from only one side he decided it was the third man and didn’t want to see what he was like.
“now now don’t be a baby” the voice was gentle and careing for some reason almost feminine.
he felt his arms part revealing his face to the man but he decided to keep his eyes firmly shut.
“don’t be afraid they won’t hurt you” this voice was clearly feminine no doubt about that and he decided to open his eye maybe this woman didn’t have the same plan maybe he will be saved.
when he opened his eyes he got surprised by an eyeless face without a jaw making a gurgling sound.
he screamed as he raised his arm shooting a red beam of light and moved it sideways to try and strike all 3 of the men.
when he beam hit the men they just vanished as if they were just one big nightmare.
“T-they are gone?”
“Not yet” he heard a voice say above him comeing from the boy he saw earlier.
but before he could react he felt a metalic fist cave in his head killing him instantly.
“hey guys i got him!”the boy said as he made the metalic fist turn fluid and forced it to pour back into the large gapping wounds he has on both of his arms.
“hehe didn’t even lose a drip of my own blood” he said as the fog went back into a boy standing at the end of the alley with one of the demonic men.
“heh that’s great i guess”he replied with the smokey voice the men used.
The strange man next to the boy made some quick hand movements to the boy with the smokey voice.
“he says good job and it was fun to mess around with the bloke”the boy said after sighing deeply
“you two really overdid it, umbra i do prefer you to use real fighting, this was just messed up man”
The man now known as umbra raised his arm to show the  cast.
“yeah i know but it’s still fucking messed up”he replied with a chuckle inbetween the words.
“krieg could you stop kissing our asses so we can go to base with that ugly bloke?”
“i wasn’t kissing YOUR ass fumas” he said as he threw the man on his shoulder.
“i’ll see you guys there” he said as he opened a white rift with his left hand.
“yeah, yeah we’ll get there” fumas said as krieg stepped into the rift.
“let’s get a drink umbra he’ll be too bussy anyways.”
umbra shrugged and they walked off out of the alley like nothing strange had happened.

this is my first try so it may be VERY bad xD

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  1. I want to disregard the "this is my first try so it may be VERY bad xD" because I disagree. It's very good and was good to read! I hope you keep writing because I want to read more.

  2. Punctuation is your biggest weakness. ^^
    Apart from that I really liked reading it, so... write more? ^^